Hair Transplant India (Male Baldness)

Baldness occurs due to permanent loss of hair roots esp in front and crown of scalp due to sensitivity of male hormones. No medication can reverse this hair loss. Hair Transplant India (Male Baldness) is procedure where the roots of the hair follicles from the back that are poorly sensitive to the hormones that damage them are transferred to the desired areas surgically.
It is well known that hair on the back (occipital) region of the head almost never fall off (due to a genetic tendency to remain permanent as they are less sensitive to male hormones). HT is based on the concept that if hair roots taken from the back region are transplanted to the area of baldness, they will, after a short period of effluvium, continue to grow hair in the new site for as long as they would have in their original site. Follicular micro or mini grafts are used to provide the desired density of hair. Since the new transplanted hair is from one's own body, it will grow naturally with time & one can shampoo, trim or even shave it.
Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. A strip of hair from the back is surgically harvested above the galea aponeurotica ( since breach in galea may lead to pain in back of scalp) and then Follicular units are extracted from this strip and transferred to the desired area. Postoperative overnight bandage is used. Patient can go home the same day and resume the office by next day.