Gender Reassignment Surgery India

Gender Affirmation Surgery(GAS) also called as Gender Reassignment surgery is commonly performed procedure for transsexuals. To understand transsexual we must understand difference between Sex and Gender. While Sex implies physical differentiation between male and female with respect to presence of external and internal genitalia, Gender implies psychological recognition of the self and desired to be called as a boy/man or girl/woman in the society irrespective of the chromosomal status or presence of external/internal genitalia.
For GAS adequate counseling is required and face to face discussion is mandatory with both verbal and informed consent signed.
Dr Rajat Gupta has received specialized training in microsurgery and hence is well acquainted with all the stages of the procedure including the legal aspects of the surgery and post operative social rehabilitation required after GAS.
Those seeking transsexual behaviour my contact Dr Rajat Gupta for the needful.